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Moxie Beauty & Hair Parlor, Opening Soon in Grand Rapids!
msbettyblueeyes wrote in midwest_billy

Moxie Beauty & Hair Parlor will be opening its doors in August!!

Moxie is a unique shop for all your hairstyling needs. Have your pompadour shaped up while listening to the tunes of Chuck Berry, Social Distortion, Johnny Cash, The Supremes, Stray Cats,etc.!
The location is a traditional barbershop setting......an established location for over 30 years! Our decor includes many retro & vintage items. Come check out the Moxie Beauty & Hair Parlor experience!

We service women, men, and kids. We specialize in retro/vintage hairstyling as well as the latest modern trends in both hair cutting and color!

Moxie is where modern & retro meet!!

We offer Hair, Make-up, & Nail services.
Color services include natural colors & special effects colors.

We offer unique "Look" packages for a complete look from the 30's,40's, 50's, or 60's! This includes hairstyling, make-up, & nails!

We cut pompadours & D.A.'s!

Moxie uses top notch professional products such as Rusk, American Crew, ISO, Pravana Color, etc.! We also use American Greaser Supply pomade, Lucky 13 pomade, Kustom Klaws nail art, & more!

Many unique items for purchase as well!!

Stay tuned for more updates & photos!!

Moxie Beauty & Hair Parlor
4329 Kalamazoo Ave SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49508
Staff: Stephanie Strwobridge & Caroline K.

Feel free to message me with questions! ~ Stephanie


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